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A research-backed learning model

Challenging Hands-On Projects

Students complete challenging, hands-on projects to earn academic credit. They also design and complete custom passion projects that allow them to pursue their interests and goals. Sample projects:

The Gauntlet Music Video

Students recorded a music album and then worked with a film director to create music videos for their songs.

Web Design Consulting

Shawn works with small businesses to create custom websites that showcase their products and services.

Health & Wellness Product

After interning at Iwi Fresh, a farm-to-skin organic spa, Kamani created her own skin care product using locally sourced ingredients.

Field Trips

Experiencing the world beyond the classroom is an essential part of our curriculum. Students take the lead on planning, budgeting, and managing trip itineraries.

Los Angeles, California

During this West Coast trip, we visited colleges, Dreamworks Studio, the Grove, and other sites.

Sope Creek

A trip to Marietta, GA for hiking and nature photography.

Federal Reserve, Atlanta, GA

Students toured the Federal Reserve, learning about the Fed's role in our nation's economy.

Additional Resources

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